I am proud to have taught some fantastic and inspiring clients of all abilities – here are a few words from them on what their experience of learning Pilates with me has been:

I have been very fortunate to have been introduced to the world of Pilates through Ali and her classes over the past year.   As a beginner to Pilates as well as not being very fit or flexible, I was unsure just how much impact the classes would make.

Ali made certain that I was getting into the correct positions and worked specifically on routines that would enable my body to feel fully stretched and the muscles activated both in my core and areas that I did not even know I had muscles!  I suffer from stiffness due to a past injury and through Ali’s classes I have been able to get a wider range of movement and feel like my overall body is in better shape and health.

Ali does not let you get away with cheating and makes every minute of your class count whilst being super friendly and making sure that you feel relaxed and comfortable.

G Barnett

I have dipped in and out of Pilates classes (both mat and reformer) over the past few years and have always thoroughly enjoyed them. However, being taught by Ali has really restored my love for the exercise – her teaching always leaves me feeling strengthened and rejuvenated. I can strongly recommend her classes and am wishing I could move to Bristol just so I can continue them!

A Bassett

I was new to Pilates before joining a very small class with Ali as the teacher. I could not be more pleased with the progress I have made especially in my core strength and posture. I feel it everyday!

E Barnes

Ali is a very patient teacher. I was new to Pilates and she eased me in gently whilst ensuring I was still tested each week. The classes were great fun and always helped to improve any backaches or leg pains I was suffering from. I left each class feeling refreshed, taller and leaner! Ali has ensured that Pilates will continue to play a part of my life going forwards and for that I am very grateful.

M Ingram

Ali comes highly recommended as a Pilates teacher.  I had never attempted Pilates before Ali started teaching me and in a short time I saw a huge improvement in my core strength and ability to complete the exercises.

E Furber

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