Suffering from back or shoulder pain?

The Pilates Room Bristol can help!  The newly opened studio in Bishopston provides personalised Pilates tuition using the latest equipment.

Living with a bad back or nagging aches in your shoulders, knees, hips, etc can be a royal pain in the neck (excuse the pun). Yet many of us soldier on through our daily routines resigned to the fact that these niggles will be with us now forever. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could try something that addressed these issues so that you’re able to walk taller, feel stronger and move more freely every day?

Pilates is often misunderstood as something akin to yoga which only young, 20-something, highly flexible ladies do for hours on end without breaking into a sweat. Let me bust some of those myths right there! Firstly, Pilates was actually the brainchild of Joseph Pilates (yes, a man) and was originally designed with men in mind. Secondly, Pilates is about improving your flexibility and strength so those who are the least flexible have the most to gain. Added to that, if you’re older or live life on the more sedentary side, Pilates can be hugely beneficial in helping you to stretch and move muscles that may have become tight and
painful over time without the sweaty trauma of doing dreaded cardio workouts.

Finally, while there are some similarities with yoga, the focus of Pilates is on building strength, particularly in your core abdominal muscles which help with overall posture.

Ali MacLennan has recently moved to Bristol to open her own home-based equipment Pilates
studio in Bishopston, called The Pilates Room Bristol. She is passionate about making Pilates
accessible to a wider audience, particularly older people who may have dismissed it as a young person’s fad.

The fact that the studio is in Ali’s home means that it is a small, informal and welcoming space where clients are given a programme of exercises tailored to their specific needs. Unlike the more common mat-based approach, the Pilates that Ali teaches uses large pieces of specialist equipment designed to help align and support the body which allows for a more varied repertoire of moves.

The Pilates Room Bristol has just opened and is actively taking on new clients so if you’re intrigued
to find out more, contact us.

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